Frequently Asked Questions

How is my garbage rate determined?

Your rate is determined by the size of your garbage cart. There are three sizes available 20 gallons, 35 gallons and 60 gallons. Please call our office for rates specific to your area.

Can I throw away my old TV, computer or monitor in the garbage bin?

Per DEQ regulations, no computers (laptop or desktop), computer mice and appliances, TV's or other e-waste items per DEQ regulations can be disposed of in your garbage/recycling/debris or drop box containers.

For information on where to have electronics and e-waste recycled for FREE, go to Oregon E-Cycles

Why couldn’t you take my styrofoam or plastic bag in the recycling cart?

Neither of those items are currently recyclable to garbage haulers in the Metro area. Due to the enormous volume of recycling that local garbage companies take to recycling depots, their has to be a large market for an item before we can add it to our list. Currently, no recycling depot wants those materials in bulk.

What do I do with large volumes of cardboard?

If the cardboard will not fit into the blue co-mingle recycling bin, then flatten and stack neatly alongside bin. Remember, wind can blow cardboard away so place weight on top of the pile on a windy day.

What constitutes extra hauling charges?

If you put extra garbage or extra yard debris outside your carts, then charges will incur. There are no charges for extra recycling outside the blue co-mingle cart.

What do I do with used syringes?

We can not handle them because they are considered hazardous waste. Please contact your doctor or pharmacy for disposal options.

What glass can go in the glass recycling bin?

Any type of glass that is a bottle or jar. Do NOT include broken glass, mirrors, or drinking glasses from the kitchen.

What happens if I forget to put out my trash?

Please call our office at 503-292-8173. We may be able to get the trash that same week if time and weather conditions allow.
If you just missed us by minutes, call John at 503-504-5066.

How do I recycle motor oil?

Please place oil in a screw top-lidded, see-through container and place next to your blue cart.

What do I do with my Christmas tree?

We recycle trees and can take them whole unless they are over 8 feet tall. If they are over 8 feet tall, please cut the tree in half. You can recycle the tree on yard debris day any time of the year.

What do I do with the phone books?

After removing them from their plastic bag, phone books can be placed in your blue co-mingled recycling bin.